mungo gamer - wireless steering wheel

Take control of your PC driving games

mungogamer uses your iPhone accelerometer (and gyroscope in the iPhone 4) as a steering wheel, accelerator and brake.

“It's like a Wii controller for your driving games”

We have spent countless hours testing and fine tuning mungogamer to be great at what it does. Improving control and faster laps are the priority.

Drive better

If you are trying to drive with anything less than an expensive steering wheel and pedals, mungogamer is better.

Precise, fast, analog control of steering, accelerator & brake improves your car control. The tilt motion is natural and fun.

Axes are adjustable to suit your games. Accelerator & brake can be controlled by tilt, touch or both. Buttons are large and placed so you don't need to look at them, layout is editable and much more...

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Free for Windows
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Setup in game

Most games have an options screen where you configure the controls, just like a conventional USB steering wheel.

See for yourself. Watch the videos...


Great with any game that can use a USB steering wheel or joystick. F1 2010, rFactor, Need For Speed titles, Richard Burns Rally, DiRT2, GRID, Colin McRae Rally, Fuel, Flat Out, GTR2, Live For Speed and many, many more titles...

F1 2010
NFS Shift
Richard Burns Rally
Colin McRae Rally
Live for Speed

Mac and PC